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don't ask
for change. 
DEMANd it.

Rashaad Galloway is an activist, social change agent, and award-winning entrepreneur who is nationally recognized for his efforts in creating systemic policy change not only at his home university, The University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but also at universities across the nation.

As a part of his mission, Rashaad is working to make spaces that have previously been hostile environments for people of color more safe and welcoming. His first major project was his alma mater, where several of the buildings still dawn the names of slave owners and white supremacists. After making a public Demand on social media garnering over 120,000 views and launching a petition amassing 13,000 signatures in 3 days, the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of trustees were forced to rescind the 16-year moratorium they enacted in 2015 to temporarily halt the university from facing its cruel and inhumane past. 

In Make a Demand, Rashaad discusses how he used his marketing background to create the "Funnel of Activism", a 5-Step Marketing Approach he developed to help other activists and change agents create the change they want in their respective communities. Through the implementation of this 5-step plan, along with the awareness raised at UNC-Chapel Hill, university activists across the United States were able to dismantle structures that have allowed systemic racism to prevail for entirely too long. Pre-Order  Make A Demand  Today to learn marketing approaches that are guaranteed to enhance your Activism!

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SHaring my story while giving you the marketing sauce.  


Let me design A custom marketing plan for your activism initiatives. 


Invite me on an episode of your podcast or show to talk about Real issues.

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